Project D is Nexon’s new squad-based multiplayer shooter headed to a December alpha in Korea

It's also the name of a mobile RPG but we'll get to that in a second


Nexon has a whole lot of irons in the fire as we’ve pointed out before, but what’s one more multiplayer online game on the horizon? Introducing Project D, a team-based third-person online shooter from Nexon GT, which itself was formed from a 2014 merger of Nexon subsidiaries Nextonic and GameHi.

Project D looks to be pretty standard as far as squad-based objective focused shooters go, but a play guide video tries to showcase how the game stands out from the crowd, outlining the unique abilities of the game’s eight characters as well as its highly mobile movement and weapons customization systems. The game is currently opening registration for a Korean alpha test between now and November 30th, with the testing period set to run between December 2nd and December 15th. The play guide video and a sizzle reel are both available for viewing below.

If you happen to do a Google search for Project D, you may also come across another game by Nexon of the same name, but this one is the working title of a mobile RPG from developer Weredsoft that features side-scrolling 2-D visuals and an action combat style and a fantasy setting. There are no guns to be had here. You can check out a video of the current character selection screen below if that Project D is more your speed.

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