Life Beyond adds training levels and new weapon systems in latest patch ahead of a November 18 playtest

Oh well.

It’s been a little while since we checked in on Life Beyond, the co-op survival sandbox from developer Darewise that we first started reporting on back in 2018. Since then, the game has evolved a fair bit, raked in some impressive investment, and began leaning more into its MMO trappings with updates like class-like roles and “true MMORPG controls.”

The latest update to the game has added character customization, a leveling system and modification system for weapons, and two new game modes with new maps. The game has also recently introduced training missions on top of all of the other patches its received.

If all of this makes you curious to hop in, Darewise will be hosting a playtest between November 18th and November 21st. Those who are interested in trying the game out can add their names to a waitlist on the website or buy in to testing with a founder’s pack.

sources: official site, Twitter (1, 2)
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