Life Beyond’s economy gets a boost, plus its studio snags an Epic Mega Grant


MOP’s Bree once argued that the economy was the central core of MMOs, the one element that truly bound an online game together and made it a virtual world instead of a combat simulator. If that is indeed the case, then Darewise’s upcoming Life Beyond (formerly Project C) is setting its priorities right by focusing on the construction of a free-market economy.

The studio announced this week that it is partnering with DMarket, an in-game item trading platform, to bring its tech and services into the sci-fi MMORPG.

“DMarket’s plug-and-play solution has helped Darewise build and balance such an economy in just three weeks, with the support of only two engineers from the game team,” the devs said. “Based on the free-market model, Life Beyond’s economy is literally driven by the community. Players are the ones to determine the value of the assets they craft or farm in the game. With a vast variety of craftable and purchasable items, Darewise and DMarket have laid the foundation for a robust and engaging economy to flourish.”

This tech is already live due to Patch 0.6.2, which also introduced user interface improvements and fixing a bug that keeps resetting key bindings.

The company also announced that it’s received funding from Epic Games.

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