Sci-fi MMORPG Project C announced with Thief and Half-Life 2 devs at the helm


Let us make an already interesting MMO news day a bit more so, shall we? How about the introduction of a brand-new, full-fledged MMORPG in development with AAA credentials and some notable game industry vets at the helm?

The game in question is code-named Project C, a sci-fi MMO that takes place on a single-shard hostile world. It sounds incredibly intriguing and not afraid of to embrace the massively multiplayer experience:

Project C invites the players to explore, conquer and dominate a massive hostile persistent sci-fi world. The game offers players genuine innovation in game design with emphasis on emergent memorable gameplay moments: a single-shard virtual world, continuously updated with new chapters of the game’s story, containing a fully simulated ecosystem of creatures and resources, in which player choices create permanent changes.

The title is being developed by France-based Darewise Entertainment and under the eye of Randy Smith (Thief series) and Viktor Antonov (Half-Life 2, Dishonored). The studio already has a large team but is “actively recruiting” more talent for the game. Darewise signed a technology partnership last month with SpatialOS to use its technology in Project C and other titles.

“Project C is the first step of this ambitious journey, to become a quality-first independent company, competing in the AAA field with truly innovative experiences,” said CEO Benjamin Charbit. “Our inspiration comes from companies such as Pixar or Bungie, who have been committed to quality and amazing company culture since day one.”

Source: Press release

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A lot of Buzzwords and “look at us, we’re pro” but very little substance.


A western developer wanting to make AAA MMOs!

That is great news. The only other one we have is Amazon and I doubt their game will be an MMO. I’m not a big fan of sci-fi when it comes to MMOs but I like some of the ideas here.

In particular:

Fully simulated ecosystem of creatures and resources. Fuck yes! Been wanting this for many years now. What I’m imagining is, for example, if the players got together and killed all the orcs in a zone, orcs would stop spawning and be replaced by a different spawn type. Or, if we hunted all the deer for leather, the wolves would die out due to lack of food.

Emergent gameplay. This is the gold standard in my opinion. This is basically saying that when you replay the same content, you have a different experience. That is what emergent gameplay is all about. Most games are terrible at this, especially in PvE which is why when most people see the term they automatically think of PvP and ganking. But, it means so much more! I like to use LotRO as a good example. With their class design (trinity+) and focus on player skill instead of gear, it meant you could have wildly varied group setups resulting in drastically different tactics. Being able to do a dungeon with a standard group (tank, healer, captain, 2x dps, support) or do it with a weird setup (6x loremasters) is a simple example of emergent gameplay.

John Mynard

One can only hope they get the gunplay right. Because their competition, ala Warframe, has got fantastic gunplay and player controls are tight and very responsive.

Grave Knight

Scifi subgenre is large and varied enough that they don’t actually need to compete against Warframe. It’ll be a manner of tone. And from that synopsis this game will definitely be a different tone from Warframe’s run and gun.

Raimo Kangasniemi

Sounds like what Destiny 1 & 2 should have ideally been: Real MMORPGs.

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Space Captain Zor

Sounds like another stab at the Tabula Rasa recipe? I hope “emergent memorable gameplay” isn’t there buzzword for PVP gankfest.


Yes, well, they’re inviting you to come and “dominate,” so it’s not for me.


“emergent” is marketing speak for open pvp gankbox so, yah. I’ll be passing on this one.


An announcement and concept art…..hooray, start the hype-train. Only 5 more years until a playable Beta stage releases, but why not try to announce to get up the surged hype.

So…when do the Pre-Alpha crowdsourcing mega-packs release?


Will probably release before Star Citizen as well..


Always great to see a new MMO possibility, but

genuine innovation
emergent memorable
player choices

*gags in marketingese*


“As I grow older I pay less attention to what people say. I watch what they do.” – Andrew Carnegie

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Good deal, I’ll be watching.

I like the attitude and having some experienced, but fresh eyes on a sci-fi MMO.


There’s lots of things that start with the letter “C”. A few words come to my mind so far have not being very flattering if not skeptical. :(