Fallout 76 shows off the Night of the Moth gameplay


We hate to break it to the Fallout 76 devs, but Halloween 2021 is kind of done and over at this point. So it feels a little weird that the post-apocalyptic title is revving up a spooky update for December 8th, but hey, maybe they lost track of the time after the world ended.

“The Night of the Moth Update is going to introduce the Mothman Equinox seasonal event, which will bring you up close and personal with the Mothman Cult as you aid The Enlightened in a ritual to summon the Wise Mothman to Point Pleasant,” Bethesda explained. “This patch will also implement a wide variety of quality-of-life improvements, ranging from nearby corpse looting to legendary loot sharing, and beyond.”

Currently, Night of the Moth is on the public test server for anyone who’d like to try it out, but even if not, there’s still a double SCORE event going on through November 22nd followed by a bonus challenges run. There are also some Thanksgiving vendor sales happening next weekend.

Source: Fallout 76
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