City of Heroes Homecoming adds new Task Force, new stone powers, and new IOs with Issue 27 Page 3


The time has come for the players of the City of Heroes Homecoming rogue server to rock out – quite literally – as the game’s Issue 27 Page 3 release has now officially gone live, bringing on new stone-based powersets for blasters, corrupters, and defenders among many other things.

One of the patch’s major features is the new Seismic Blast and Earth Manipulation powersets, though there are other powers adjustments for electrical blast, sleep powers, and placate powers, as well as stone power proliferation for scrappers and stalkers. In addition, the patch adds Dr. Aeon’s Task Force with a variety of new difficulty setting features, several new IOs, some new emotes, and a new Threat Duration enhancement set that replaces Taunt enhancements on top of other things like bug fixes.

The update was something we had our eyes on during its beta test and even tried out on stream, but now it’s finally live and available to all.

source: official forums, thanks to Yrys for the tip!
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