Lord of the Rings Online compensates EU servers for translation issues, tests new six-player dungeon


Many Lord of the Rings Online players know that one of the best bonus events that the studio runs is for virtue XP boosts to help players jump ahead on their virtue progression. While such an event is coming on December 16th, SSG decided to activate it early for three European servers — Belegaer, Gwaihir, and Sirannon — to to a “recent translation issue” that plagued those worlds.

Today, the fantasy MMO is publishing Update 31.0.3, which mostly contains several fixes and adjustments to the recent Fate of Gundabad expansion. And speaking of the expansion, SSG has an upcoming six-player dungeon, Adkhât-zahhar, on the test server through Friday afternoon.

“Deep in the Pit of Stonejaws, a grand tomb holds the remains of the many ancient dwarf-lords of Gundabad. The necromancer Loknashra, now empowered with the spirit of Drugoth, has returned to raise an army and claim her vengeance upon all those who wronged her,” the studio narrated.

Source: LOTRO, #2, #3

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