Lost Ark posts Sorceress preview trailer, addresses gender-locked classes


Amazon and Smilegate have dropped yet another video for the long-delayed Lost Ark, this time featuring the Sorceress class. She’s one of the 15 classes planned for the initial western launch, with a total over 20 that will eventually make it into the game, but the Sorceress dropped in Korea only last summer, so it’s still fairly new to the franchise overall.

“The Sorceress wields powerful magic based on three elements (fire, ice, and lightning) with spells that can deal area damage,” the studio says. “They can easily handle multiple enemies helping them dominate the battlefield.”

The devs did make a quick note about gender-locking in the blog today:

“From the earliest days of Lost Ark’s announcement in the West, we heard players’ feedback about gender locked classes loud and clear. While not every class in the game currently has a male and female counterpart available, we wanted to be sure to include those that do early on. In the future, Smilegate RPG will be creating more counterparts for classes that are still gender locked, and we will bring these to Arkesia in time.”

We’re still anticipating launch early next year, but in the meantime, we get pretty trailers, so that’s not so bad.

Source: Official site, press release

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