Final Fantasy XIV posts a new tribute to Endwalker from Sia ahead of early access

What is the world.

All right, now Square-Enix is just flexing. Yes, this is official now. Why? Because there’s a new music video on the game’s official YouTube page from Sia. Yes. Sia did a song in honor of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker heading into early access tomorrow. This is a real thing that happened.

The fact that the song in question is a cover of “Fly Me to the Moon” is, in some ways, even more telling than it would be if it were a totally original song.

So, yes. Square-Enix is entirely flexing its muscles here, and if you’re fond of the game, you will probably be overjoyed about this fact. If you are not fond of the game, you will probably have different feelings, although it’s hardly the first game that’s had major celebrity projects come out recently or in the further past. Either way, check out the music video just below.

Source: Twitter

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