Final Fantasy XIV updates its job guide with Reaper, Sage, and new job actions

So many swords.

It’s less than a day now until Final Fantasy XIV players will be able to start playing Endwalker as the expansion enters its early access period, but no one will be able to play the game today as it enters a lengthy maintenance. But you’ve still got something to help drive up your hype during the maintenance period with the updated job guide, which adds in a full rundown of both Sage and Reaper actions as well as all of the new actions and changed actions for existing jobs.

These rundowns cover the job gauges as well as any new or updated actions, as well as includes revisions for actions with changed potencies or effects. It’s important to remember that some potency changes are also due to changes already announced for the potency of melee weapons to match magical weapons, so don’t draw too many conclusions from physical potencies being changed. Or do; you’ll be able to see how it all shakes out tomorrow, after all.


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