Elyon teases the Archer with bow and quiver promo as Santa puts out a help wanted sign


If you’re already salivating for a chance to take Elyon’s upcoming Archer out for a little killin’ tour, you still can’t do that today. But you canpreregister” for it, which basically means you can sign up for the newsletter and get an “Epic Grade +8 Bow & Quiver.” Yes, you can still play the character at launch even if you don’t sign up for the newsletter – I mean, “preregister.” You just don’t get the free stuff. Don’t look at me like that.

Of course, in the meantime, you’ll want something to do. How about helping Santa for loot? Today’s patch notes include just such a quest, along with gift boxes from everyone’s favorite jolly old elf.

“Elyon is also celebrating its Season of Snow from now until January 12th, offering enhancement related rewards, holiday-themed furniture, and a piece of Legendary Gear through a variety of events. End-of-year Twitch Drops will also be enabled, offering new players and veterans alike great rewards for participating.”

Source: Press release, patch notes
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