ArcheAge begins swinging the banhammer against promotion and web inventory exploiters


Yesterday we reported on a massive exploit wave that swept over ArcheAge involving players taking advantage of a free mana crystal promotion as well as a tool that allowed players to abuse the game’s web inventory, which resulted in about 24 hours’ worth of economy-breaking behavior. Kakao Games is now reacting to the mess in one of its first and more direct methods: by whirling its banhammer around.

Overall, 323 accounts were kicked for RMT violations, while over 10,000 exploiter alt accounts and 75 exploiter main accounts were slapped. The announcement notes that this isn’t the complete list of accounts facing action, as Kakao is continuing its investigations.

The post also notes that the publisher is aware of the issues currently plaguing the game and that they are the team’s current priority. “We are taking a tough stance on exploitation and wish to remind you that if something feels unintended, it’s safer not to get involved if you wish to protect your account,” notes the post. “There is work ahead, but our aim is to create a fairer ArcheAge for all of you.”

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