ArcheAge’s free mana crystal Twitter promotion leads to a 24 hour-long exploitation spree


Back when Kakao was kicking off its relaunch of ArcheAge, it was running a Twitter promotion that promised mana crystals for players if a tweet hit certain retweet milestones. That tweet hit its first goal this past Monday and gave away the goodies as promised, but it appears that the promotion almost immediately backfired.

According to reporting from MMO Fallout, while the mana crystals in question were only useable once per account, players were simply setting up dozens of alt accounts, redeeming the code, and transferring the mana crystals via family and guild storage, resulting in a flood of materials across the entire game’s economy. The exploit was so proliferous that almost every guild was reportedly taking part just to keep pace. The coupon codes have since been expired, but not without roughly 24 hours of people claiming huge swaths of mana crystals to the point that players are calling for a server rollback or otherwise posting the usual memes.

ArcheAge also underwent some maintenance to its web inventory system, presumably in order to halt another exploit that targets the system. So it would appear that the previously reported relatively smooth launch has hit more than a few bumps since then.

source: Reddit (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) via MMO Fallout
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