MassivelyOP’s 2021 Golden Yachties: Most predictable turn of events


MassivelyOP’s not-so-serious end-of-the-year awards continue today with our pick for most predictable turn of events. (If you’re wondering what the heck a Golden Yachtie is, you can get caught up with the first award.)

And the winner is…

Fortnite had to disable nearly every emote in the MLK event

Someone at Epic Games had the idea to try to inject some historical education into Fortnite, adding a special area devoted to the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. What’s not clear is where Epic Games found this bright spark of a designer and team who somehow could not anticipate what teenage video gamers were going to do with complete freedom and no repercussions in such a space, which as you can probably guess turned out to be rude dances and whip-cracking emotes because of course they were. So yep, Epic belatedly disabled almost all of the game’s emotes in the exhibit. Or, as I put it at the time…

This time was not different. Take a drink.

Want to nominate another winner? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to check out our serious MMO awards while you’re at it.

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