Nightingale is aiming for ‘one united community’ by designing around the idea of ‘a million realms, one universe’


Inflexion Games’ CEO Aaryn Flynn is once again talking some big talk about Nightingale, the studio’s multiplayer survival sandbox that was first revealed during the 2021 Game Awards. This time it’s all about community, as Flynn spoke with Gamereactor to offer some rough ideas about how big and how multiplayer the sandbox is aiming to be.

“The idea with our shared world is that many survival crafting games, end up often having isolated servers and isolated experiences from the rest of the community. We’re investing a lot in our infrastructure and our abilities to offer players a completely united community.

“We have a saying internally in the team when we talk about this idea for portals and back to the united community, which is ‘a million realms, one universe’, and this notion that there could be countless realms out there.”

As mentioned in a previous interview, portal jumping will be a large part of the gameplay in Nightingale, and Flynn stresses that the game can be played solo if people want to, while also stating that friends can easily come together, as players will be able to coordinate with one another to visit the same realm through a portal for their Victorian-era survival romp. There’s still no hard information about just how many actual realms and actual players can come together in this united community (and yes, we asked), but it certainly seems like the devs are thinking big.

source: Gamereactor
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