EVE Online’s surprise Doctor Who crossover event goes live


Like it or not (and the widely shared opinion around here appears to be “not”), the crossover event between the TV series Doctor Who and the space sandbox of EVE Online is now available for players. The so-called Interstellar Convergence brings the menacing Daleks to the world of New Eden between now and Tuesday, February 1st.

There are a few needed steps for those who are looking to get into the event. Players will need to locate Warp Matrix Convergence sites that provide needed materials to craft a special filament that opens an all-new area of space exclusive to this crossover event. This unique area features hidden artifacts and materials to find, as well as a Dalek vessel to fight. Completing the event offers various rewards such as Doctor Who-inspired SKINs, pilot apparel, and boosters among other goodies.

In case this event is drawing in new pilots, CCP Games has put together a “Whovian Beginner’s Guide” as well as added several Who-themed packs to the game store that bundle cosmetics, Omega-level access, and PLEX among other goodies.

source: official site (1, 2)
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