Black Desert tweaks Black Spirit skills and Red Battlefield ahead of Lunar New Year events


It’s patch day over in Pearl Abyss’ Black Desert PC version, plus we’re just two weeks out from the Lunar New Year, which means the game is about to kick off its annual festivities. Starting tomorrow and running through February 2nd, the Lucky Rice Sieve of Good Fortune event will run, allowing players to snag rice sieves through the challenge menu and exchange them for nifty damage and drop rate food. Pearl Abyss also has 21 days of login gifts planned for the holiday, including caphras stones and a 30-day artisan’s blessing.

As for the rest of today’s patch, the studio has rebalanced Black Spirit skills across the spectrum of classes and improves the Red Battlefield.

“Our main intention was to provide a way to make a breakthrough in situations where there would be less opportunities to turn the tables around as all of your conquest areas were ruled over or there was a dramatic difference in points. Therefore, we made changes so that the DP restriction debuff would only be applied to the team occupying the conquest area when breaking through the major conquest areas completely blocked by your opponents. Also, you can now earn some of the points earned at the conquest area when you successfully occupy one. With these changes, it is possible to both defend and come up with strategies to carefully invade and occupy areas.”

Finally, if PvP is your jam and you’re on the European or Russian servers, take note: The first Global Conquest War of 2022 begins on January 29th.

Source: Patch notes
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