New World video addresses the next patch, server transfers, and combat tweaks


Well, if you were wondering what New World is planning for the near future, I hope you have 38 minutes to spare for a huge new video from the studio because that’s apparently Amazon’s idea of “keeping it a little shorter this time.”

Much of the developer discussion in the video isn’t brand-new to players, such as the extension of the winter event and the existence of the PTR, and of course players already know that mutator dungeons, gearscore lift, and new shrines are on the way in what we assume will be next week’s patch since we’re fast running out of January. The studio also addresses disconnect issues, weapons, and combat balancing, though the weapon changes aren’t “major” and some are planned for the next PTR, not the current one.

Worth noting is that Amazon is aware that its patch notes sometimes lag behind the content on the PTR, creating the perception that the studio is stealth-patching things, but that’s just a communication issue the devs are still working on in order to gain the playerbase’s trust.

The studio also talks about how its plan for server transfers went awry back in December when the housing persistence issue cropped up. Round 1.5 of merges are still on the horizon, but they have no hard date yet.

Source: Press release, official site. Thanks to everyone who sent this in.
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