Dauntless patches in more island event tweaks and prepares to celebrate Valentine’s Day


It’s Love, Slayer Style (cue the theme) as the latest patch for Dauntless is readying itself to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the return of Saint’s Bond. The lovey-dovey event will run between February 10th and February 17th and will include new cosmetics, quests, and an event pass. Also, there will probably be monster slaying because that’s how life in the Shattered Isles works.

Meanwhile, this update has added another round of tweaks to island events with an eye on either reducing their completion time, reducing chaos, or keeping narratives cohesive. Players can look forward to even more island event changes in the multiplayer RPG’s next update.

This patch has also some new cosmetic rumors for those who have the full set of armor from Sahvyt, some weapon damage adjustments, and a little list of bug fixes. All of the salient details are in the patch notes.

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