valentines day 2022


Fallen Earth celebrates a gruesome little Valentine’s Day through February 26

It's been quiet for news about Fallen Earth following the title's unexpected free revival last October, aside from the frankly appalling suggestion of using NFTs...

Star Wars Galaxies Legends celebrates Valentine’s Day with the returning Ewok Festival of Love

"Allayloo ta nuv!" That's not me facerolling on my keyboard, that's Ewokese for "celebrate the love," and that's just what Star Wars Galaxies Legends...
Love is in the bear.

Valentine’s Day around the MMORPG genre, 2022 edition

Yes, you're probably going to have to look away from video games at some point today and recognize the fact that it's Valentine's Day...

Dark Age of Camelot marks Valentine’s Day with new and returning quests

While Dark Age of Camelot is an MMORPG that's all about RvR conflict, that doesn't mean the game can't get into the loving spirit...

DC Universe Online’s GU120 is live with the Love Conquers All event

DC Universe Online rolled out its Valentine's day festivities with last night's GU 120 in the form of a seasonal event dubbed Love Conquers...

EverQuest and EverQuest II find true love with their Valentine events

Erollisi Day is sweeping over the lands of Norrath, and both games in the EverQuest franchise are celebrating the "power of love" -- and...

Crowfall tasks players with confectionery crafting for Valkyntine’s Day

I have to admit that I didn't imagine that Crowfall would have a Valentine's day event queues up, what with its population struggles and...
And again.

World of Warcraft unveils its Valentine’s Day event for both retail and Classic

Love is in the air in World of Warcraft, and no, in this particular case we're not referring to the begrudging changes being made to...

Trove’s Heckbugs in Love Valentine’s event has returned through February 22

Trove is once again joining in the Valentine's day MMO spirit, though it's a little bit on the sad side this year, seeing the...

Dauntless patches in more island event tweaks and prepares to celebrate Valentine’s Day

It's Love, Slayer Style (cue the theme) as the latest patch for Dauntless is readying itself to celebrate Valentine's Day with the return of...
Pictured: Love.

Final Fantasy XI prepares Valentione’s Day celebrations for next week

Love is in the air in Final Fantasy XI starting on February 8th, for both the various lovelorn citizens of Vana'diel and the chocobos...

Final Fantasy XIV plans to dress up your chocobo for Valentione’s Day

It's time for another Valentione's Day in Final Fantasy XIV as part of the non-stop onslaught of events in the game, and as will likely...
It's not nothing!

RIFT dataminers uncover new content as hellbugs arrive for Valentine’s Day

Good news, RIFT fans, there's actually a new patch with stuff to datamine! It's been a really long time, as is noted in the datamining post...