Final Fantasy XIV plans to dress up your chocobo for Valentione’s Day


It’s time for another Valentione’s Day inĀ Final Fantasy XIV as part of the non-stop onslaught of events in the game, and as will likely surprise no one who has been involved in prior years, Lisette de Valentione has arrived from Ishgard and gotten herself in over her headĀ yet again. You would think at some point she would learn her lesson, but no, it’s up to adventurers to come swoop in once more and rescue her celebrations with the event once it kicks off on February 8th.

Of course, you’ll be compensated for your efforts, and this particular year your compensation will take the form of a nice new outfit for your chocobo to wear about town. You can also pick up a new Valentione-themed mobile for the wall of your apartment, room, or house (or all three, depending on your situation). So go ahead and help spread the love through Eorzea; just be sure to do it before February 22nd, as that’s when the event will end.

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