Final Fantasy XI prepares Valentione’s Day celebrations for next week

Pictured: Love.

Love is in the air in Final Fantasy XI starting on February 8th, for both the various lovelorn citizens of Vana’diel and the chocobos in need of mates. Can you solve both of these problems? If you were just thinking about how the solution to one could be the solution to the other, the answer is “no.” You cannot solve these problems. Lovelorn people and chocobos in need of mates are two separate problems with – we cannot stress this enough – separate solutions. Do not try to marry an NPC to a chocobo.

Those of you who understand that these are not linked problems, meanwhile, can feel free to take part in the festivities to help people find love and help chocobos find mates to gain a new outfit and anew set of home decor, respectively. Just be quick about it; the event lasts only until February 16th, so you’ll need to be efficient and swift finding and celebrating love this time around.

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