Dual Universe invites players into a deeply technical look at the Panacea update’s custom voxel tool


The Panacea update of Dual Universe is adding the ability to customize voxels. Normally this would be explanation enough for most, but Novaquark has decided to go deeper. Much, much deeper. As in a dev blog that is astonishingly technical levels of depth.

This long-reaching post breaks down the tech that made the upcoming vertex precision tool possible, explaining how the feature works using grids and position values, and outlining encoding changes that make the tool hum. The very last paragraph is perhaps more useful to the layman as it details how the tool is used, while a video preview below offers a look at the tool in action.

In other DU news, a new Helios Bulletin newsletter grants fans a look at some impressive player-made creations including a storage-filled space station, an arcade with arcade game cabinets that actually work (and can be bought), a snazzy personal shuttle, and a challenge game mode among other things.

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