RIFT dataminers uncover new content as hellbugs arrive for Valentine’s Day

It's not nothing!

Good news, RIFT fans, there’s actually a new patch with stuff to datamine! It’s been a really long time, as is noted in the datamining post on The Ghar Station; 313 days, to be specific. The less-good news is that this particular patch is definitely on the small side with only a few new things to pick out of the patch for mining, but after 313 days without anything to datamine whatsoever it’s still a nice uptick in content just the same.

So far, what’s been mined out are some new icons, a new spider model, and a new hellbug minion model. That is perhaps not terribly exciting, but as noted, it’s the first patch of any sort for the game in quite some time, and considering a “great update” was promised to hit the game sometime in Q1 it can only be hoped that this presages more for the game in the near future. Hope springs eternal, right?

Source: The Ghar Station; thanks to Clowd for the tip!
Not long after this piece went live, Gamigo published a press release and dev blog heralding the arrival of hellbugs, once again, to the game.

Hamburg, February 1, 2022 – After an indeterminate amount of time, the Hellbugs have reared their ugly heads once again to invade Rift. It’s up to players to fight these hellish creatures to save Telara – and in doing so – earn a number of unique rewards that will display their dominance over the Hellbugs.

In the “Hellbug” event available today, players will need to visit the event merchant located in Telara’s two large capitals of Sanctum or Meridian, depending on their chosen faction. The merchant will be in a panic as they are currently being attacked by small Hellbugs after emerging from beneath their feet. Players will be asked to destroy hellbug footholds and push back hellbug invasions in Mathosia and Ember Isle. There are also six additional Hellbug-related quests.

Once these quests are complete, players will earn Chaos Motes, which can be exchanged for several rewards from either the merchant or the in-game Rift Store. Some rewards include a large Hellbug that can be mounted and a small one that can be treated as a pet. Just make sure not to tell them about all the Hellbugs you had to kill in order to earn their trust.

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