Dark Age of Camelot marks Valentine’s Day with new and returning quests


While Dark Age of Camelot is an MMORPG that’s all about RvR conflict, that doesn’t mean the game can’t get into the loving spirit of Valentine’s Day. For proof, you need only look at the game’s latest update, which has several quests available between now and Tuesday, February 15th, for those who want to mix a little romance in with their realm-wide warfare.

This year sees two new quests arrive to the game that task players with either taking on some “interesting tasks” from the local imp’s union or taking on a “unique challenge.” Rewards for taking on these quests include a Lawn Cupid trophy, a thematic ring or bracer, and a Tiny Compatriot Crate along with XP and coin. The event is also bringing back three quests from previous Valentine’s events. The event is also adding a thematic weekly RvR quest that will change to a year-round feature once the celebration ends, while RvR bonuses are running until Tuesday, February 22nd, to mark both Valentine’s and President’s Day.

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