EverQuest and EverQuest II find true love with their Valentine events


Erollisi Day is sweeping over the lands of Norrath, and both games in the EverQuest franchise are celebrating the “power of love” — and the power of player retention when you dangle shiny pink rewards in front of their faces.

In EverQuest proper, the event is running through February 16th. Players can help Erollisi’s emissary spread the message of love, aid Grimble in finding his own match, and take sides in a passionate letter writing campaign. This event includes “limited-time quests, achievements, collections, and nimbuses.”

Then over in EverQuest II, the community has until February 23rd to find special notes and candies all over the realm. These are useful to turn in for limited-time tradeskill crafts. Daybreak said that it added new achievements, craftables, rewards, and merchant items for 2022’s event.

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