Star Wars Galaxies Legends celebrates Valentine’s Day with the returning Ewok Festival of Love


“Allayloo ta nuv!” That’s not me facerolling on my keyboard, that’s Ewokese for “celebrate the love,” and that’s just what Star Wars Galaxies Legends is doing with the returning Ewok Festival of Love event, which is running between now and Monday, March 14th.

Players who want to participate can head to Tyrena in Corellia, Kadaara in Naboo, and the Southern Ewok Lake Village POI in Endor, where they can gather up paintings, wearable items, and furnishing items from past years, as well as new goodies like new badges, new art pieces, new furniture items (check out that Ewok drumset), and a Loveday Gift that grants either an XP buff for lower level characters or a random collection item for level 90 characters when consumed. There’s also live events and community contests all about the holiday, with more to be announced over the coming days.

As for the game’s latest development update, SWGL has seen a few bug fixes of note, like fixing “a bug that would sometimes cause player houses to warp to another planet,” but primarily this patch is all about feeling the Ewok love.

source: official forums (1, 2)
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