Trove’s Heckbugs in Love Valentine’s event has returned through February 22


Trove is once again joining in the Valentine’s day MMO spirit, though it’s a little bit on the sad side this year, seeing the Defiance-themed heckbug (hellbugs) when Defiance itself is now gone, RIP. Anyhow, Heckbugs in Love has returned.

“For this year’s event, players can participate in an 8-step quest chain where they’ll find themselves in a Geodian Cave called Sunken Sunvault, where the Heckbugs have stumbled into,” Gamigo says.

“Players will then need to aid them, and upon completion, will earn a new lockbox that rewards Crystals, Heckbug Eggs, a new Heckbug Ally, and even the Heckbug Baby Mount from 2020’s event. Heckbug Eggs can also be found while exploring the caves and can be hatched to unlock 3 new companions. Trovians that participate in this quest for love will receive an extra temporary Heckbug ally that can help fight – and possibly fall in love with – enemy Heckbugs. Considering invasions will appear twice as often with Shadow Heckbugs replacing Shadow Giants, players are going to need all the help they can get to survive. The Dragonfire Peaks zone has also been taken over by these pests from purgatory that have a shield which can only be disarmed by the player’s companion Heckbug.”

The event is already live and runs through February 22nd.

Source: Press release, official site
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