EVE Online changes dynamic bounties and hands out prize ships to Alliance Tournament XVII winners

Also, the calculator got improved


Congratulations to the winners of EVE Online’s Alliance Tournament XVII! Here’s your free ships. That’s part of the latest update to the sandbox, which hands out the Raiju and Laelaps ships to teams who won the esports event. Enjoy the new toys and the new targets painted on your backs as people try to break your stuff!

The update has brought some things for everyone else, of course. Adjustments to the dynamic bounty system have been made, with a raised parameter floor, changes to bounties for systems that are running at the minimum bounty risk modifier, and an increase in the maximum reserve bank payout.

Other general updates are in this patch as well, changing things related to visuals, the UI (at last the calculator UI has bigger buttons), client crashes, and more. The patch notes provide every bit of detail Capsuleers could want.

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