Black Desert Mobile merges servers, Black Desert PC discusses planned quality-of-life updates


The world of Black Desert Mobile is shrinking. Sort of. The game’s world isn’t getting smaller, but the number of servers is, as the mobile MMO’s latest update has performed some server merges. The update offers an FAQ related to what happens to player ranks, conquered nodes, guilds, and other matters, while several events are celebrating the merge including a fishing event, some login rewards, and boosts for winning Siege and Node Wars.

The week’s update to BDO Mobile also includes some class tweaks, some fresh PvP arenas, the addition of the Hero of Karkea battleground as regular content, and the start of Path of Glory Season 7 that adds a new Rift 16 difficulty level and a variety of rewards to earn.

Meanwhile in the PC version of Black Desert, a notice posted on the game’s website discusses several quality-of-life improvements players have requested. Improvements to automatic inventory sorting, extensions of Garden automatic recalls, the option to turn off cooking and alchemy sound effects, and easier disposal of multiple items are in the works, while other requested features like increasing the Pearl Inventory and adding manual storage sorting are getting some concessions instead. The post linked above provides all of the specifics.

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