Blade and Soul will be the Valentine’s date you can’t get this year


Hey, can we talk real right now? It’s not your fault that you peaked with Valentine’s Day in the sixth grade when you got 32 cardboard cards and a brief profession of love from Jamie Peters. You’re a perfectly datable specimen of the human race, and anyone would be darn lucky to grasp your sweaty paws and listen to you stammer out poetry fragments.

But on the very off chance that you’re going through a bit of a love slump this month, Blade and Soul’s got you covered. The MMO is kicking off its Soulmate 2022 event on Wednesday, bringing a month of chalky candy hearts and artificial romance to your computer monitor.

During the event, plaayers can collect candy hearts from login rewards, daily challenges, dungeon quests, and weekly challenges. These hearts, in turn, can be turned in for crafting chests that’ll pay out in various materials — and sweetheart coins, which can buy you everything from pet packs to limitless wings.

The event runs from February 9th through March 9th.

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