Krafton and Bluehole announce a partnership to create NFT avatars to sell in a future metaverse

What metaverse? Whose metaverse? Where? When? Who knows!


The classic set of questions for journalists, investigators, and general critical thinkers to ask is the Five Ws: who, what, when, where, and why. The vast majority of these questions are not addressed in an announcement from Krafton and Bluehole regarding an NFT partnership, but by gum there’s a partnership happening and NFTs are going to be made.

Krafton (of PUBG and Elyon fame) has made equity investments in Seoul Auction Blue, an affiliate of Korea’s largest art auctioneer Seoul Auction, and its subsidiary XBYBLUE, which secures and curates the IPs of various digital content to offer limited digital art content to users, to the tune of $2.5M and $4.1M respectively in order to develop NFT projects.

This agreement will see Bluehole Studio (aka the devs of TERA) leverage its MMORPG server operations and graphics technology “to create and sell NFT avatars that can be used in the metaverse in the future.” We had to pull that quote directly to prove this isn’t being made up.

We stress again, what metaverse these avatars are being made for, when they will arrive, and where they will launch were not answered in the announcement. All we know is that Krafton and Bluehole are diving in headfirst into the NFT racket.

source: press release
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