Blade and Soul opens the Sanctum of the Masters solo dungeon and starts several events in latest update


Blade and Soul is an MMORPG, but there are some time when players might want to test their mettle by themselves, without the benefit of a party or a larger group. For those people, the newest update has a possibly intriguing feature, as it brings the Sanctum of the Masters solo dungeon to let solo players see how well they fare.

The Sanctum of the Masters comes in easy, normal, and hard difficulties, each pitting one player against 30 waves of enemies. Players can use a strategy card system to optimize their battles and get rewards for clearing waves and earning weekly and seasonal ranks.

The update has also started off some events that reward goodies for clearing daily and weekly challenges or celebrate Valentine’s Day, added some new achievements, made some changes to Battleground Trader Eosin’s stock, and introduced PvP stats to Skystealer accessories, Steelbreaker soul shields, and Shadow Fury soul shields. More details await in the patch notes, while players may also want to take note of some known issues

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