Niantic finally releases proper Pokemon Go dev diary, focuses on ranked PvP


Third time’s a charm for Niantic: After the first two severely disappointing Pokemon GO dev diaries and a somewhat useless roadmap, the AR company finally let its devs out to speak. The topic is fairly niche as it’s PvP-related and geared toward the technical aspects that mostly affect hardcore and high-end PvP players. But it is a large improvement, as it doesn’t come across as an ad, something Niantic often does that makes official comments from the company feel disingenuous.

The devs finally got to put to rest an ill-thought-out rumor about an algorithm matching players based on their selected pokemon, explain issues with desyncing of fast moves, highlight how to use the game’s ping tool to figure out your best way to connect for your matches, and even the discuss the addition of a battle log to help support get to the bottom of PvP-based issues more easily.

While the article will probably have limited appeal for the playerbase, it’s still a step in the right direction; future dev diaries will hopefully follow suit so that a larger portion of the POGO population can understand the game better and where the devs plan to take it.

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