Elyon announces PvP flagging, new classes, new instances, progression system tweaks, and more


This year is apparently going to be bringing a whole bunch of content to Elyon. A video letter from the game’s producer discusses new content features in the works and adjustments to existing systems, all of which are planned for 2022. Seriously, there is a lot.

A number of new instances will be added, including a 30-player raid that’s said to be easier than the current 10-player ones, new hunting grounds that take players under the sea or into a clan vs. clan battlefield, and a new continent that will subsequently raise the level cap from 52 to 55.

For PvP players, there will soon be a new siege war that involves the use of Mega Manamechs and several adjustments to the realm war feature in order to counteract faction imbalance, improve rewards, and encourage participation and communication. Tangentially, there will be PvP and PvE “channels” (aka flags) that will allow PvE players to be left to their own devices out in the open world.

The game’s various character enhancement and gear enhancement systems are getting some major adjustments: certain character growth features will be account-wide rather than character-based, failure to breakthrough equipment will no longer destroy the item but will instead make it untradeable and unenhanceable, and all runestone slots will not be hindered by rune color to allow more freedom in build creation.

Two new classes are on the way in the form of the Paladin and the Soulbringer. The Paladin makes use of auras to either deal ranged damage or support allies, while the Soulbringer wields a pair of swords and dishes out swift damage. The Paladin is due in the first half of the year and the Soulbringer in the latter half.

Additional updates planned for the game include gamepad support, dungeons that require clan cooperation, raids with flying mounts (at long last, flying mounts), a revamp of life content, and the promise of PvP battlefields that emphasize tactics over gear score. The video covers a lot of ground, so get comfy if you’re going to watch the embed below.

source: YouTube
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