Dual Universe details the upcoming Aegis Market, weighs the pros and cons of server wipes


The incoming Athena update of Dual Universe will not only bring PvP features, better visuals, and a better starting experience; it will also bring a marketplace. “But doesn’t the game already have a marketplace?” you might ask, to which the answer is, “Yes, but not in spaaaaaaaaaaaaace!”

The Aegis Market is precisely that: a market housed in space. This market is conveniently located in a central safe zone equidistant to Alioth, Madis and Thades. The benefits of this new market are mostly about potential, as it could possibly become a hub for selling goods without making planetfall and allow ships to be designed purely for space travel thanks to getting resources directly from alien space cores. This will be the only market of its kind, but if players react positively to its addition, more will be considered.

On the subject of player reaction, the devs took a moment to share their thoughts on the hot-button topic of server wipes. The Novaquark team is considering a few different kinds of wipes and weighing the pros and cons of each, whether they’re full server wipes, partial wipes, or a full wipe with a blueprint option for veteran players to rebuild their constructs. There are no firm plans for any wipes yet, though the devs are eager for player input on the options on the table.

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