Simutronics’ Galahad 3093 just launched into an ‘extended’ open beta


Back in 2021, Simutronics – yes, of GemStone IV and DragonRealms fame – took the wraps off a new mech-themed Arthurian-hero shooter called Galahad 3093. It’s been in and out of beta ever since, but if you missed those, now you’re getting another chance as the company is opening what it’s calling an “extended open beta” starting right now.

Running through May 31st, the event is aimed at PC players; all you’ve gotta do is smash that “request access” button on Steam. Among the new bits you’ll be testing are…

Team Deathmatch: Work together to leave a scrapyard of mechs in Team Deathmatch. Each team begins the fight with 40 tickets. Win by reducing the enemy team to zero tickets or by having more tickets when the time limit expires.

Enter the Caverns: Bring the fight underground with Inner Loop Caverns, an interconnected cave network. The varying ceiling height adds a fun layer of challenge to navigation in this subterranean industrial map.

New Modules: Expand your loadout with tactical modules like United Speedloader, increasing reload speed for you and all allies within a range, and Vectored Assault, enabling bonus damage while using the jump jets.

Rank Status: Rank Icons allow pilots to show off their experience while also giving a quick indicator (or warning!) of another player’s skill.

If you’re angling to see the game in action first, we played it back in February.

Source: Press release, Steam
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