Simutronics’ new mech hero shooter Galahad 3093 plans an open beta for March 19


It’s a mech game! It’s a hero shooter! It’s from the company best known for GemStone IV and DragonRealms, a pair of MUDs which are not known for their graphical acumen! Yes, it’s Simutronics’ new game, Galahad 3093, and hold on a moment, is that really the same company behind a pair of MUDs? The answer is yes, and we would encourage you to move on from there and deal with the fact that the game is planning an open beta starting on March 19th via Steam.

The game sees players take control of gigantic war mechs known as Lances with a variety of customization option, with the choice of pilot providing another suite of abilities aside from the hardware. Yes, this is a game by the MUD people. (OK, they also did some cyberpunk mecha games too.) Open beta runs until 28th, with everyone able to simply jump in to the testing via the game’s Steam page if you’re curious about how the game’s 32-player arenas feel in practice.

Simutronics was also behind the Hero Engine at first. No, really.

Source: Press Release
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