Simutronics’ Galahad 3093 launches a third open beta this weekend


Earlier this year, we covered the reveal of Galahad 3093, a mech-themed hero shooter from Simutronics, a veteran online gaming company probably best known to MMO players for its Gemstone MUDs and HeroEngine engine. Testing continues for the game, which is kicking off another effectively open beta this weekend.

“Simutronics today announced the third extended open beta for its upcoming mech hero shooter, GALAHAD 3093. Starting Friday, November 12 at 6 p.m. Eastern and concluding Monday, November 22 at 9 a.m. Eastern, players can choose a Knight and pilot a customizable Lance for 10 days of explosive battles for territory. The free beta is accessible to PC players via the Request Access button on the game’s Steam page.”

This leg of the beta has apparently changed things up since the summer test; Simutronics is promising persistent squads of four, a step-by-step tutorial mode, a low-grav biome in the form of the Europa map, pre-built mech variants, and a new tiered upgrading system for your lances.

Source: Press release, Steam. This article was updated after publication to correct our error; squads have three people plus you for a total of four.
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