Neverwinter explains how it’s revamping its Tiamat encounter


You think your MMO dragon’s all that and a bag of roasted chips? It ain’t got nothing on Tiamat, who’s a normal dragon plus four extra dragon heads. Neverwinter players have faced off against this multi-headed monstrosity for years now, but soon they’ll discover that Tiamat has a few unknown surprises in store.

This is because Cryptic is revamping the boss for the upcoming Dragonslayer module: “The Dragon Queen has learned some new tricks and will use everything at her disposal to crush the mortals attempting to disrupt her ascendance. Tiamat employs oppressive magic to sow chaos on the battlefield that can only be dispelled with special Dragon Souls acquired during the encounter.”

And with new tricks come new rewards, with better ones going to those who complete master-level difficulty. Players who accomplish all of the achievements related to this trial will even get a special cape and title to boast of their dragonslaying superiority.

Source: Neverwinter
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