Closers kicks off a Fireworks Festival and offers some new costumes for athletics or bedtime

, she said boobily at the camera.

If you were wondering when Closers was going to get to the fireworks factory, we can’t help you. If you were instead wondering when the game was going to get to the Fireworks Festival, the answer is “right now.” It’s an event that is happening right now, complete with an overly long infographic explaining everything being added in a way that presumably makes a great deal of sense to dedicated Closers fans and does not make a whole lot of sense for anyone who is not.

The important thing, though, is that your reward will be clothes. You could unlock a variety of athletic equipment that’s suitable for any sort of hard workout for both genders, which would make sense in the context of a game wherein you’re running around and blowing up monsters. Or you could unlock ostensibly nighttime lingerie for female characters complete with custom artwork that would not look out of place on a body pillow you had custom-printed to sit in bed next to you. You make the call.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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