Newly relaunched Kritika Online’s cash shop is just as gross as you’d assume


Normally around these parts we would be cheering on the resurrection of an MMORPG. But in the case of Kritika Online, which has returned this week for its third go-around, even we acknowledge that some things should stay dead — especially when the reviver is more concerned about shady monetization than honest game operation.

We already noted that the latest iteration of the action MMO came with a bad pizza bender’s worth of NFT nightmares, but that is only the starting line for ALLM’s grimy monetization practices. Connor at MMO Fallout noted that this version of Kritika grants players only a single character slot — and that if you want more than that, you’ll have to pay at the rate of $50 per slot. For a revived MMO from 2014.

Connor speculated that this is connected to the NFT design: “The reason I have seen given for the high cost is that as a play to earn game, having alt characters allows players to obtain currencies much faster and would theoretically net more earnings that would be tradeable for real money.”

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