Riot says Legends of Runeterra’s pivot from PvE to PvP is about scope and studio balance, not underperformance


Last week, Riot Games sent eyebrows flying skyward as it essentially announced a pivot from Legends of Runeterra’s Path of Champions PvE mode toward its PvP playerbase. While it’s not actually deleting Path, it did essentially suggest that PvE players would be better served by other Riot Games as some Runeterra devs are being shuffled to them anyhow.

Runeterra Game Director Dave Guskin has now weighed in on Twitter following the understandable player backlash and concern; he argues that Riot’s decision wasn’t made because PvE wasn’t a hit with players.

“We’ve seen a number of players speculating that the reason for the shift in LoR’s focus to PvP is due to the Path of Champions 2.0 not performing well, and while that’s a reasonable assumption with the timing & info players have, it’s not actually the case,” he tweeted.

“The team loves what we’ve built in PvE, and we had a ton of awesome plans for the mode’s future. It’s also performing well! However, when we looked at the work required to realize all of our future plans, we had to take a step back – it was a lot. We made the decision to ship what we had in the Path of Champions 2.0, and we have plans to clean up the rough edges as well as continue to add some extra content over time. Moving forward though, there are a lot of awesome projects at Riot that could use extra help. Our devs have a ton to offer these projects! So when faced with the decision to forge ahead, or refocus on our roots in PvP and hyper-serve that core CCG community, we weighed everything, and made the decision to return to our roots. Hope that gives you all some more clarity on the process here and our priorities for the future. We’re still working out specifics, so stay tuned for an updated roadmap!”

Source: Twitter
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