Dungeons and Dragons Online promises loads of loot awaits in the Isle of Dread


Wednesday, June 22nd, is when Dungeons and Dragons Online will open the gates to the Jurassic park world of the Isle of Dread, and while players can very obviously look forward to dinosaurs, there’s much more to be had, like lots of loot.

The titular island was home to pirates at one point, who have apparently left all kinds of named items laying about the location (presumably after becoming dino kibble), while dinosaur bones that are found in the Isle can be used to further craft unique goodies. The pirate gear is noted as being good for players who want to “gear up in a hurry,” while dinosaur bones can be used to create more new kit as well as new augments. Additional augments will also drop up to level 31, and there will be a new Cannith Crafting level cap of 32 when the update arrives.

Players who want to get into all of the nitty-gritty details of these new loot updates would do well to scour the latest post for more. Just be careful if you see a shiny dropped pirate item; it very likely was left laying on the ground for a very good dinosaur-shaped reason.

source: official site, thanks to DDO Central for the tip!
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