The $25 Rift Simulator lets you roll the dice on a Diablo Immortal five-star gem without spending a dime


We reported earlier this week about how one Diablo Immortal player lit $16K on fire in order to get a five-star gem to drop from a rift dungeon – and then promptly deleted the item and uninstalled the game. But what are the odds you’ll have the same bad luck? Well, now you can find out without getting donations from stream viewers or spending money yourself thanks to the $25 Rift Simulator.

This little joke website is basically the literal slot machine equivalent of rolling for a gem, letting players click a button to “waste $25” to see their drop chances, as opposed to the implied slot machine pulls of using the associated legendary crest lootboxes. The site additionally counts the amount of money “spent” in the pursuit, letting you track just what sort of dosh you’d be annihilating.

Whether this site uses the actual odds of getting a five-star gem or not is not really obvious, but if nothing else, it’s a great way to press your luck without pressing your wallet, and just another way that memes can help us all cope with some truly aggressive gaming monetization.

source: $25 Rift Simulator via Twitter, cheers, Belghast!
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