The Elder Scrolls Online’s High Isle chapter and Update 34 officially arrives to console players


At last, it’s time for console fans of The Elder Scrolls Online to see what PC players have been experiencing themselves. The High Isle chapter has gone live for PlayStation and Xbox, opening up the Breton land of the Systres Archipelago and its many dangers and intrigues. Ideally without the somewhat bumpy release.

For those who somehow forgot, this new chapter opens an all-new land with new stories to experience, two new companions to have alongside, and the in-game TCG Tales of Tribute, complete with its own leaderboard system, quests, and rewards.

For those who don’t feel like buying the DLC, there’s also updates for all players in Update 34 like Mundus Stones in the armory, additional utility spaces for the quickslot wheel, and improvements to the addition of HDR graphics features. The full patch notes grant all of the specific details players need.

sources: press release, official forums
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