Elder Scrolls Online’s big 2022 chapter, High Isle, is live on PC today


Today’s a big day for The Elder Scrolls Online, though it may not be official until tomorrow: The MMORPG’s big expansion for the year, the High Isle chapter, technically rolls out to PC, Mac, and Stadia players this afternoon.

As we type this, the servers have been down for maintenance following a database issue, but the current plan is to bring them back online at 1 p.m. EDT – when this article goes live, in fact. [Update: It’s been delayed in some regions; we’re updating with the latest at the end of this post.]

Patch notes are already live, though of course unless you’ve been living on the dark side of Masser or Secunda, you already know what’s in it: High Isle sends players to the Systres Archipelago for a tour of Breton resort culture and a trip to the seedy underbelly of the prison island. It also builds on last year’s chapter by adding a pair of new companions, plus there’s a new trial, new antiquities, and the Tales of Tribute card-themed minigame that could basically be a game unto itself.

If you’re not picking up High Isle, you’re still getting the freebie update 34, which touches on Mundus Stones in the armory, improved graphics tech, quickslots, title screen music, accessibility, and Spanish localization.

Console players will as always be waiting a few more weeks; that rollout is set for June 21st. Of course, if you’re one of the 400 cheaters ZeniMax recently banned, you won’t be playing at all.

Source: Patch notes
Still down as of this afternoon. “As you may have seen from the maintenance banner above, we just extended maintenance for PC NA to 5:00pm EDT,” ZOS says. “The database issues we’ve been investigating were causing issues involving things like guilds, mail, or could even affect your ability to log in, so this is our highest priority to fix.”
It’s almost 5 p.m. and it doesn’t look like they’re gonna make that either.

They made it out the door!

One last update here on Tuesday morning: The launch trailer is live. Happy sailing, folks.

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