Elder Scrolls Online deep-dives High Isle’s CCG as the NA server hardware swap appears to lessen PvP lag


Care to play a card game in The Elder Scrolls Online? Then you’ll want to look over the latest post from the game that’s all about Tales of Tribute, the in-game CCG that’s arriving with the High Isles chapter. The post covers many of the general functions and rules of the game, from win conditions, to certain card types, to the versatility of the Power resource.

In other ESO news, the NA datacenter hardware swapping that recently occurred has evidently made a significant dent in Cyrodiil PvP lag. One of the game’s streamers calls the change “night and day,” while footage from a recent stream displays his amazement at the game’s improved performance. Readers will note that when this hardware swap was announced, the devs said players wouldn’t see any in-game improvements, but at least in the case of PvP, that happily doesn’t appear to be the case.

sources: official site, Twitter, Twitch, cheers Pepe!
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