Elder Scrolls Online previews Ascending Tide DLC, recaps High Isle chapter features


Where were you when The Elder Scrolls Online announced its High Isle chapter and Legacy of the Bretons arc? If your answer was “I was doing something else, what’s High Isle? Is it a wacky weed comedy?” first of all no, and second of all ZOS has pulled together all of the announcements in a handy-dandy post.

While much of the post covers things that were (naturally) revealed already, it provides a lot more information about the Ascending Tide DLC arriving to PC players on March 14th, detailing the Coral Aerie and Shipwright’s Regret dungeons that are part of the pack. These dungeons task players with investigating the remnants of the once-proud All Flags Navy and assaulting a coastal hideout of the mysterious Ascendant Order, and promise new achievements, new item sets, and returning fan-favorite NPCs Jakarn and Captain Za’ji.

The post further recounts features coming with the High Isle chapter including the never before seen region of the Systres Archipelago and its High Isle and Amenos regions, which promises a story that involves uncovering the plot of a sinister order of knights. High Isle will also bring a new 12-player trial, new world events known as Fissures, and an in-game Tales of Tribute CCG among other things.

For those who missed out on the announcement or our previous coverage, or are looking for a primer of the Ascending Tide DLC, you can take advantage of this summary of coming attractions to get all caught up and duly informed.

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