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Elder Scrolls Online’s Firesong DLC sears its way onto consoles

After watching the mini-debacle that was Elder Scrolls Online's rollout of Firesong DLC to the PC crowd earlier this month, the console crowd may...

Elder Scrolls Online’s Firesong DLC and Update 36 are live for PC players

It's DLC week in The Elder Scrolls Online world as Firesong officially launched for PC last night, bringing the 2022 Legacy of the Bretons...

Elder Scrolls Online’s Firesong DLC and Update 36 arrive on PC November 1

We all know that Elder Scrolls Online is getting a new DLC release and new update by now, and most regular fans of the...

Elder Scrolls Online drops a new QuakeCon trailer for next week’s Lost Depths DLC

We're just one weekend away from The Elder Scrolls Online's third big launch of 2022: its Lost Depths DLC, part of the ongoing Legacy...

Elder Scrolls Online announces Lost Depths DLC and update 35 for August 22

Elder Scrolls Online's release cadence runs like clockwork, and we don't mean Clockwork City, so you had to know the new DLC was already...

Tamriel Infinium: A look back at Elder Scrolls Online’s Blackwood

Now that we're firmly entrenched in the year of High Isle and the legacy of the Bretons, it almost seems archaic to jump back...

Elder Scrolls Online lays out summer roadmap to High Isle, begins free-play event with prologue quest

Tomorrow, ZeniMax Online Studios is going to open the information floodgates for Elder Scrolls Online's High Isle during its preview stream. But hey, you...

Elder Scrolls Online wipes on the dreaded server boss, vows to down it on next attempt

Elder Scrolls Online's first steps into the Legacy of the Bretons are proving to be far more ominous than ZeniMax hoped. Ever since the...

Elder Scrolls Online’s Ascending Tide DLC is live on PC today

Elder Scrolls Online is dropping its first big DLC of the year today with the release of The Ascending Tide DLC on PC, Mac,...

Elder Scrolls Online previews Ascending Tide DLC, recaps High Isle chapter features

Where were you when The Elder Scrolls Online announced its High Isle chapter and Legacy of the Bretons arc? If your answer was "I...

Elder Scrolls Online just announced the High Isle chapter and Legacy of the Bretons arc

During this afternoon's big reveal stream, ZeniMax Online Studios announced The Elder Scrolls Online's major content update for this year's Legacy of the Bretons year-long...